Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Happiest 5k on the Planet: The Color Run

The Color Run was this weekend! It was raining and chilly, like, downpouring on us while we waited for our wave to get started. I kept trying to think of ways to sneak out and go home and read under lots of warm blankets. Hah. They wouldn't let me. And I'm glad they didn't, because we had fun.

Here are some of our before shots...

It was really a giant party. Even before we started, they had a Zumba instructor leading a Zumba class on stage. The music was cranked. It was fun, despite the rain.

 Some parts of the course were muddy and full of puddles. The first one we came to, I jumped right in full force. I got my MIL pretty good. She wasn't expecting me to do that at all.

Here are some of our after shots. We did it!

Here are some thoughts about the run.

1. Don't open your mouth in the color stations.

2. Don't lift your arms in the color stations (i.e. the Rocky stance). I'm still green.

3. If you're a serious runner, probably not the run for you as it can get bottle-necked in places.

4. You will find color everywhere... belly buttons, toes, etc...

5. Even though we tried to set the color on the shirts (vinegar and ironing), everything kind of turned pink instead of staying how colorful they were after the race. Take a lot of photos during and after the race instead.

Nothing like a good day of family fun.

So, how does your family spend quality time?

Looking forward to making this an annual tradition!

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