Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Purge Paint Organize Repeat

When the parents come to town, we work. Well I ask them for help and they work me.

I mentioned how I needed to dig out A FEW gifts and this was the result... a full on dump, purge and organize. My mom is truly a machine.

I actually can't believe I showed you that photo! Ugh. It's all picked up but just in time for the master to be emptied, purged, donated, sorted and organized. Well, and painted.

Daredevil liked to help us, too. He was cracking us all up when he'd jump on the pile of bedding.

The master got fairly put back together just in time for us to clean out the downstairs play area, work area and spare bedroom. Work starts tomorrow down there. How can projects can you undertake in a two week period? Well, we're attempting projects in 1) the kitchen, 2) the master, 3) the playroom, 4) the downstairs living area, 5) the entryway, 6) the upstairs guest room, 7) the downstairs guest room, 8) the downstairs work space, 9) the master balcony, .... umm, ok, maybe that's all. In two weeks? What?? We're crazy. And there are still projects that we won't complete. I'm sure of it.

We're done painting the two doors that needed painted, a tabletop that needed painting, some toy dinosaurs that needed painting, painting the master bedroom, deep cleaning the master bedroom and bathroom. The mud is drying in the playroom and it's on the agenda to be painted tomorrow. Pictures soon.

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