Friday, June 12, 2015

Questions, questions, questions

Daredevil started asking questions on his own a few months ago, but it became part of our May 1st treatment plan. This means that his therapists built off of what he was doing on his own and helped him flourish.

But let me tell you, flourish he did. He is so inquisitive. He wants to know everything about everything. It's interesting to hear where he takes the conversations and what he is curious about. I just love him and his inquisitive and adventurous heart!

Here's a sampling of a recent conversation:

O: Where's Switzerland?
M: It's in Europe.
O: I want to go to Europe. I want to go there.
M: You want to go to Switzerland, in Europe?
O: Yes, Switzerland. How far is away is Switzerland?

Oh boy. Add another place to his must visit list. It currently includes returning to Costa Rica and Disney World/Land, going to Thomas Land in Boston once it opens and going to Switzerland to go on the giant jungle gym/bouncy house.

Everything right now is what is that? What is that called? When is that? Can I go to August? Can we go there? What do they do? What is the road made of? What is in cement? What state is Seattle in? Where is Arizona? What's an island? Where is Hawaii? What is our state called?

I just love where his mind goes! He's really into geography right now and one of his favorite things to do is look at the Atlas in UJ's car. Another addition to the Christmas list, too.

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