Monday, June 8, 2015

Seattle, Friday Harbor and the PNW

A few months ago while dropping Daredevil off at school, my friend from South Carolina texted me information about a workshop being held in Washington. We would get to have an awesome adventure and meet two of our most favorite blogger moms ever! I booked my ticket before I left preschool.

Fast forward to last week and we headed out on our adventure to the PNW. We met in Seattle and had the dreamiest time. The PNW pulled out all the stops as far as weather goes. It was perfect, sunny, breezy, warm(ish) and beautiful!

Without further adieu, please enjoy this photo dump of epic proportions.

And, Garrett's... the perfect Chicago indulgence to cap off the trip!

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Dawn said...

It was such an adventure! Thanks for just saying "yes, let's go"! Had the best time with you! Can't wait for our next adventure to come about! :)