Friday, June 5, 2015

TPLO Recovery - 5 weeks post-op

Phin is doing better each and every day. We had his 6 week x-rays done at his 5 week check-up yesterday and what do you know? His bone is healed! His restrictions are drastically reduced! We couldn't be happier. He still has PT to get his muscle tone back and we have stretches and exercises we do with him, but otherwise, he is ready to go!

That also means that my house will slowly go back to normal. This morning I picked up about half of the rugs that we were using on the floor and I moved the play pen to the garage. I'll also be giving Katie her pen back today, too. We borrowed one from her that was easier to move around.

All in all, we are just so happy that the surgery was successful and he didn't have any complications or re-injuries.

Most likely, he'll get to join his brothers downstairs next week in his normal spot which he is very anxious to do.

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