Friday, August 22, 2008

And then there was Internet!

Whew... the Internet is finally working 100% of the time. Cable and phone are still iffy but the Internet is all set.

So, my life has been insane since my last post. Let me start from the beginning.

Jared left on August 10th to come to Madison for good. He brought 4 of our fish with him and I waited behind to finish working and wait on the movers. The movers packed us up on Thursday and then on Friday they loaded all of my belongings onto the largest semi I have ever seen. It was unbelievable to think that nearly all of my earthly possessions it onto 3/4 of that mammoth semi. So, Saturday morning my mom and I got up, went to my nephew's football game (he's the defensive captain or something where he gets to call all of the huddles - not sure, but I'm so proud of him - he looked so grown up) then we loaded up the pups and remaining fish and hit the road. We stopped by IKEA on the way up making our crowded van even more crowded. It was actually a huge relief to finally make it and unload the car. Jared and his brothers had worked all afternoon to get the backyard ready for the boys because the fence company wasn't available until today (Friday) to finish the small section of the fence. I can now happily report that the fence is complete so Phinneas won't be able to break out anymore - he has succesfully gotten out two times in a week!

Anyway, the movers delivered our things at 9 a.m. on Monday morning. It was mass chaos even with us putting the boys in their "beds" while they were unloading our stuff. The broke our desk so the office really isn't done yet but most other rooms are getting there. As soon as I find my camera cord, I'll post photos of the house in progress. Luckily, my parents stuck around most of the week to help me make sense of most of the rooms. I still need some curtains and small things but other than that, we're mainly moved in. After tonight I hope to have most things in their place.

In the craziness of all the moving, I got a call from UW - Madison to come in for an interview. I was thrilled when I found out and I'm in the midst of preparing for my interview next Wednesday. Wish me luck! I have to come up with a 10 minute group presentation/proposal. I think it'll be fun but it's just a lot on top of moving in and getting used to Madison. Even though I think I know how to get around I'm still to chicken to go anywhere on my own. The dogs love it but it gets kind of lonely. I have met a few awesome neighbors. Each fairly young couples with tiny kids/babies. It has just been refreshing to meet new people and everything. Hopefully I'll make friends soon. Last night we went to Red Robin and a bunch of girls were eating dinner together and I got all teary because all of my dear friends are 5 hours away. I keep reminding myself that I still have all of you in Indiana and that now I'll get to make additional friends here.

What else, what else? Oh, I finished reading Something Borrowed. My friend Beth got it for me on my last day at Butler. It was so sweet of her and it has really kept my mind off of everything going on when I've needed it to. I'm now onto either Baby Proof or Belong to Me. I guess I'll start on whichever one is easier to find amongst the rubble! Anyway, thank you, Beth, for the great book! I could hardly put it down and I love Rachel! :)

I also really appreciate any cards and emails and notes and calls that everyone has been sending. I promise I'm not ignoring you but the past week has been insane! I'll be a better friend very soon.

On another, even more sad note, I don't think I'll be able to visit Indiana this weekend for the shower/housewarming party. Jared needs to stay here for work/dogs/family stuff and I was going to try it on my own but I'm just exhausted. If I get a burst of energy I may change my mind but I am still so overwhelmed and I don't feel like I've seen my husband at all.

If you're reading this, then you can probably assume that I miss you terribly!

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