Monday, August 25, 2008


It's Monday and I'm trying to get my house in order once and for all. I've been navigating the office all morning long - seemingly getting nowhere. The dogs have been in and out all morning trying to find the dog that lives in the cabinet (Oliver's reflection) and the shiny speck that floats around near the back door (the sun's glare off of their shiny bell). They're fun to watch. :)

I'm planning on working around the house this morning and exploring a little this afternoon. I especially need to locate when my interview will be ASAP.

My one and only funny story from this weekend was that while at the Farmer's Market, I purchased 5 beautiful sunflowers. Wehad the bottoms wrapped so they'd stay fresh until I got home to put them in a vase. Great idea, so I sat them between my legs on the ride home but we decided to stop at Hobby Lobbby along the way. That's when I discovered that the bag had been leaking and I looked like I had peed my pants. What a great way to start my life in Wisconsin. Oh well, they still look beautiful in my kitchen!

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