Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Interview

Well this is late in coming but I had my interview at UW-Madison last week and I think (I hope, too) that it went really well. It was move-in day on campus so the energy was awesome but that also meant that I got up and went really early! I had purchsed a new red button down dress shirt for my interview and Nate and Courtney got me a beautiful gold necklace from The Loft for my birthday that I wore with my black suit. I definitley looked the part.

I had a whole bag of goodies for my presentation segment, full of samples of invitations and save the date cards, schedules, communication flows and timelines. I had created 10 folders for those interviewing me that consisted of all of the information above with a copy of my resume and a business card. The folders were black glossy UW folders with a red glossy embossed logo. I also had a sample packet of what the counselors would receive complete with UW information that I received on campus when Jared and I were walking around as well as a bunch of goodies... a mug, Bucky the Badger cheese curds, a UW lunch box, a badger pennent for their office, a pen and a black glossy folder (same as the others) all inside their own Bucky the Badger gift bag that held all of the above.

I had a red glossy folder with a silver embossed logo that held extras as well as my materials. I also had my black portfolio for the interview segment. So walking in with my bag of goodies and black briefcase bag, I kind of looked the part.

I really, really liked who I interviewed with. I think I answered everything as honestly and professionally as I could.

In the presentation, I think I did really well. Although I was the first to interview so I don't know how others will measure up. At least I set the bar, hopefully high.

Anyway, I hope to hear soon! I'll keep you posted.

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