Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Selmer's Visit

Heather, Jason and Aubrey came up Thursday night for the Labor Day weekend and we had a great time. Jared worked on Friday so we just slept in on Friday, played with the baby, went out to lunch (I only got us slightly lost once!) and we talked and relaxed in the afternoon. Friday night we took everyone to Jared's work where we posed for some pictures and walked around. Funny enough we bumped into Jared's twin, Josh's, best friend. It was so funny to bump into him. After that we decided to grill out at home. We stayed up late playing games, watching tv and just catching up. It was so nice to be surrounded by people you know and love.

On Saturday, we got up early and went to the Farmer's Market. Heather and Jason got some cheese curds to take home. I got some fresh cucumbers (for my cucumber and allouette sandwiches that Pam has me hooked on) and a bouquet of flowers. We stopped for brunch at a restaurant on the square called The Old Fashion(ed?). It was so nice to share our favorite restaurant with them. I just want them to know all about my life here so far. After that we walked all the way down State Street to the UWMadison campus. Heather bought herself a shirt and she bought baby Aubrey a little shirt. As we walked back, I found a kelly green North Face fleece on same for 1/2 price. I fell instantly in love and since buying me a North Face was part of the moving agreement, Jared bought it for me. I love it. Bring on the sweater weather! I also found two GREAT stores with random, awesome items to buy. I'll def. go back there! So the morning was VERY productive.

After that we ran to the grocery to get stuff for dinner. We were making grilled chicken and stuff. I think we just stayed home most of the rest of the evening. We played more games, cooked dinner, chatted, watched the Cubs game and just hung out. Oh, then we went out for ice cream after dinner! It was good.

They decided that they needed to go home on Sunday to get ready for the week so we got up Sunday morning and went to the Great Dane's brunch. It was $15 but so worth it (at least to me). They had a TON of food and we were all stuffed when we left. After that they got loaded up, took a few more pictures and they got on the road.

I was pretty sad because it had been so nice having them here but now I just have all the more reason to look forward to Christy's wedding the first weekend in October.

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