Thursday, September 19, 2013

After Dinner

What's your family's after dinner routine? Do you have a family activity - like a games? Do you go on a family walk? Do you have dessert? I'm curious... what do you do?

We're working on figuring out what we do after dinner but before our bedtime routine.

Many evenings we walk together to the neighborhood park and play awhile before returning home.

The other evening we had dessert together instead. I attempted to teach Daredevil the art of dunking Oreos in milk. It was hilarious. The pups gathered around like we were handing out a million dollars and Daredevil had a blast. We got milk EVERYWHERE but it was fun to show him and watch him try it out for himself.

He preferred to drop the Oreo in the milk and then do a search and rescue by showing his entire hand in the glass.

Regardless of what we do after dinner, we always end up having fun. But I'm really curious what some other ideas are - especially as we enter the winter months when trips to the park aren't an option.

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