Wednesday, September 11, 2013

School is in Session

Kids went back to school last week here in Madison and it is crazy how different everything is. Things seem so much quieter. So much bigger.

We had the library to ourselves this afternoon, for an entire hour.  No joke. It was fabulous. We played and played and played. He got to take his time on the slide and go as many times as he wanted. He got to play with all of the trains, all at once. He got to play on the computers whenever he liked. He got to play with all of the balls and puzzles and blocks and books, etc. You get the picture. The slide and trains were the most exciting as we normally have to share those quite a lot. Not today! I think he would've stayed until dinner if I'd have let him (but we had stuff to sell off CraigsList and stuff to sell at Half Price Books).

As you can tell, Daredevil loved his freedom. Happy Back-to-school to Daredevil!

Don't judge the giant ketchup stain on his shirt. The boy loves him some ketchup. The shirt is already in the wash after being treated with stain stick. 

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