Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Catching Up

I missed another week... that's what happens when Gammy's here. You'd think I'd have more time to do things like blog post when she's here, but I have less.

We are 80% done with the projects we set out to complete while my parents were here. Overall, we're really happy to have everything that got done done.

Here's the run down...

The downstairs ceiling. It's 98% in but it still needs to have some finish work done.

The cave. New ceiling, light and bedding. Done.

Master bedroom. New paint, new bedding. Done.

Guest room. New paint, new bedding. Still need a few new accessories.

Bedroom and front door. Repainted. Done.

Playroom. Shelving in, walls painted. A few details need finished - the road divider and some hooks.

The downstairs sliding door won't be put in for a few weeks, but its coming, as is the backsplash in the kitchen (after three years)! The only thing we really just didn't get to was the floor of the balcony. We wanted to use the new deck-over product on it and see if it would spruce it up even more. We'll get there, just maybe next spring.

Decluttering. Always a work in progress but seriously, a lot got done. The basement, the garage, the guest closet... you know all those cluttered spots I try to avoid. I was at goodwill, the dump, half price books and posting on Craigslist everyday. It feels so good to purge.

Now you see why we were busy? I should be back to regular programming! I'll post more pictures soon, my computer is being grumpy about syncing my pictures today.

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