Thursday, September 12, 2013

Awesome Schedule

My parents left on Sunday, so the rest of the day was spent getting our bearings, grocery shopping, etc.

Then Monday hit and away we went.

This is Mr Tech Guy's busiest time of the year, by far, typically working at least 12 hour days on and off since early August with work ramping up to 17 hour days this week and next. Busy, busy, busy for him. It was nice having the grandparents here the last few weeks to distract Daredevil and I.

So, Monday hit and Mr Tech Guy was off to the craziness of work. Daredevil and I had a crazy busy schedule this week, too. I'm the hostess with the mostess this week.

Errand day

Babysit two little darlings
Book Club -- my month to host -- The Night Circus

Playgroup Playdate (that Daredevil slept through and then was sad his friends were leaving)
Crafty Mommas Night Out at Studio You

Visiting a local park with an old friend

Playdate on our Patio
LifeGroup Cookout out back

Daredevil's first multi-sport class
Dareevil's friend's 1st birthday party
Lunch with a friend

I'm already tired and its only Wednesday :) Poor Mr Tech Guy.

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