Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Party People

I love hosting get-togethers, going to get-togethers, just getting together. This past weekend was a fun time full of get-together!

We had our life group over to enjoy the deck and kick off the life group season on Friday night. It's so neat to think of how we've changed and grown in the five years we've been together. We went from zero kids to five. And we've had lots of couples come and go but the four couples (of our current five) have been together from the beginning. It's always fun when we get together.

Then, Daredevil's sweet friend Avery had her first birthday party. It is always a blast when these kiddos all get together. It was a chilly and windy day out but Daredevil still had a blast.

I love love love that we have friends to celebrate and get-together with. Life is sweet.

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