Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheap, Quick and Easy DIY

My God-daughter had a texture blanket when she was little and her little brother needs one, too. The only problem is the seller isn't making them anymore. Low and behold, Aunt DJo to the rescue.

This is a super easy project you could do for babies in your life!

But super soft, super bright fabric. I used baby minky fabric and fleece, but flannel works well, too. Shop in the scrap bins. You only need a bit of fabric and it is a lot cheaper! Then buy 12 coordinating, but bright, ribbon in all types of textures and patterns. 5-6 inches of each kind, maybe from your scrap pile at home. We made sure to get grossgrain, velvet, shoestring, satin and rick-rack.

Anyway, once you have all your materials, you need to cut it down to size and pin it all together...

This is the longest part... just keep pinning!

Once its pinned, you sew up 3/4 of the edges before you flip it right side out. I always sew up about 1/3 to 3/4 of the remaining side before I flip it, but you can do whatever tickles your fancy.

Then you finish stitching the 1/4 of the final side with it right side out.

Finally, double check that all pins are now out and that all tabs are completely secured.

Enjoy your super soft, bright, baby sized texture blanket. Mine are now en route to Kentucky (for Baby Oliver B) and to Indiana (for my Aiden who I know misses me as much as I miss him).

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Heather said...

Your aiden does miss his Aunt Djo so much!!! Along with me and Aubs too!! He is gonna love his new blankie you are the best and I'm so glad I showed you Aubrey's:)