Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our "Double-Think" Month

J and I have been debating a No Spend Month for quite some time... possibly since we moved to Wisconsin. We're finally doing it. March 2011. We've called it a double-think month because we are traveling to Indiana for four days in which time we may have to eat out or on the road even with my best intentions of preparing and packing food ahead of time. Anyway, it's basically a no spend month but while we're away we'll use our best judgement.

I'll keep you posted as we go as to how much we've spent and how we feel like we're doing. Anything we feel like we "need" to buy has to be approved by the other person. We're hoping to spend between $200 and $250 for necessities (food, gas, gifts, etc). And, no, I did not let J give Twin $20 so he could buy him fountain cokes all month... that would be cheating.

I think this will be a great exercise of self control as well as seeing where our money is going. We're a lot more spending conscious since we moved to Wisconsin, but we can always do better/save better/give better/etc. We hope that God will use this month to show us how more effectively we can be spending (or saving, giving) our money. Stick around and find out how it goes!

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