Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outstanding in the Field

Outstanding in the Field. Organic. Local. Natural. Delicious. Outstanding.


I just got the lineup for the 2011 season for Outstanding in the Field. I have been dying to go to one of these outings for years, but we've never been available to go. This year there are two close to Madison and one in North Judson (15 minutes from my best friend's house in IN). I would LOVE to attend one of these, but the hefty price tags make me think that I'll wait for another year or happy birthday to me?

It is an incredible program that bridges the gaps in the food chain. Brilliant. I love what they stand for and how they see out their vision. Plus, the gallery of past dinners is breathtaking with each event having its own beauty and flair.  Each meal is held at a local farm and catered by someone local who specializes in cooking local. The gorgeous natural landscapes they find and create for these evening events are just magical. I hope, hope, hope I get to attend one at least once in my life.


Tickets go on sale March 20th! Grab yours before they're gone!

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