Monday, March 7, 2011

Tasty Trials

I made two recipes this weekend and I've got one on the agenda for tonight. Can't wait for stuffed peppers! Yum!

Anyway, I made chickpeas with rainbow chard. It was good but a little bland. I doubt I'll make it again, but it was OK and I realized that I really like cooking with chard. And doesn't my copy look just like the recipe?

Then I made a vegan shepard's pie. It was so good! It was the first recipe I'd seen that didn't call for meat or mushrooms! I thought I'd give it a go. Since you have to make mashed potatos from scratch and basically a vegan meatloaf, it took a while. You had to sautee the veggies while you boiled potatoes and cooked lentils, then combine to make the "meatloaf-type" mixture. Then you make patties, brown them in a skillet on both sides and then bake with the potatoes and peas on top for another 20 minutes.

I really liked the shepard's pie and I would make it again as long as I had enough time to devote to it. It isn't a quick meal, that's for sure.

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Marianne said...

The Shepherd's Pie looks really good :) I'm jealous!