Friday, March 25, 2011



Some of you may be wondering how we are doing during our "double think" month. We're doing pretty well, in my oh-so-humble opinion. If we both decide that we want to purchase something (say, going to the movies), we use our fandango bucks we have from a groupon last month, or a giftcard that we had stashed away from Christmas. The majority of the things we have bought have been either food from the grocery or co-pays for the masseuse/dentist/eye doctor (which are random expenses we didn't really know we'd have and are paid for with our FSA so I don't know if that would count being that they are necessary).

I also have purchased a few craft items for a shower I'm hosting in April, but we've been budgeting for that so nothing of that came out of our monthly income. And when I was at my best friend's home for a few days, I did buy a few un-needed things at my favorite store near her house. I told J I was on vacation so it didn't count! :)

Even though we haven't been perfect (who is?), its been fun to pay closer attention at what we value enough to purchase and what things we can easily say no to.


As for Lent, we are still preparing our hearts for Easter. I can hardly wait for that service, we'll be coming home from Indy that day so we'll go the evening service; but it is always my favorite, I cry every year and I can't wait! I've been using this time to draw nearer to Him and He has been revealing Himself to me in new and exciting ways.

Anyway, while I was on my sleep deprived vacation, I had a few Mt Dews and I had a sampling of the goodies Aubrey and I made each night (mini pies, cookies, dirt pudding, etc). Since I've been back home, I've been much better about no sugar. We made a cake as a sample for a shower I'm hosting in June and instead of eating it, I sent it with J to work! How kind of me to think of his co-workers? And get it out of right in front of me!!

As for walking, J and I walked separately while I was gone (does walking with an infant nonstop count?) but we're back at it now that I'm home. I thought we'd be able to get outside with B and P, but the weather has yet to cooperate since I've been home. They are oh-so-anxious to break-in their new backpacks!

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