Tuesday, July 20, 2010

B's Owie and Other Animal News

I had planned to take a vacation day last week, instead I spent the day with B at the vet clinic. It wasn't the most fun I've ever had, but he needed me to be there and he needed to get all fixed up.

After 3 hours at the vet, a slight sedation, minor surgery and pain meds, we were free to go home. B had sliced off the bottom layers of his paw and he was struggling to get around. He had a horrible limp. When I first noticed it, I thought it was a joint injury (ankle, knee, hip) but once we got him to calm down we noticed that part of his pad was missing and another part was just hanging there.

He was still pretty out of it for the next day or so, but he's finally back to himself now...barking and fetching with the best of them.

The doctor put ointment, gauze and two types of wrapping over the wound. We bought a "paw-tector" to put on when he went outside which seemed to help give him the additional support he needed. After 3 days, he pulled the doctor's bandages off (which the doctor said would happen after 3-5 days) and started only wearing the paw-tector. Now he's back to basics and doing well. We have a follow-up appointment this week so hopefully the area will continue to heal.

Here are some shots of B recovering with his paw-tector on.

In other animal news, my sister and nephew have recently adopted a new dog... Biscuit, a two-year old labradoodle!.

Meet Biscuit Orr...

I love him already. Welcome to the pack.

Also, while we're talking animals... has anyone put a turtle in a hamster ball to let him walk around? These people have... click here and here. J and I are looking for a hamster ball big enough to fit our Phil. He likes being out of the aquarium but he doesn't like being out with the dogs...what a conundrum!? Anyway, that is our latest project.

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