Monday, October 18, 2010

Christmas in the House!

For those of you who know me, you know that I like to plan ahead. Not just for the sake of planning ahead, but for my sanity as the event nears. Anyway, for those like me, the Holidays have just arrived.

I am a huge fan of Fly Lady and her Holiday Missions start today. They give you small daily missions and weekly tips to let you go on a month-long "cruise" starting December 1st. You plan ahead so that you can cruise through the holidays... literally...and really enjoy your family and friends without stress. I love doing these. I don't always do them in her order, and sometimes I beat her to it, but I love being prepared and having it done so I can enjoy the festivities and my loved ones a little better. Plus, I love having wrapped gifts to go under the Christmas tree once its up.

October is the time of year that I start riding people for Christmas lists and ideas and I start making things. I like to make things way ahead of time in case they don't turn out or it takes more time than I thought, etc. So, for me, October is my time to get ready! How fitting, then, was the DIY post over at Under the Sycamore today? Perfect!

Fly Lady recommends making a Holiday Control Journal and the sisters at eighteen25 think you should make the darling notebook, but either way, it'd be a huge help. I have my Fly lady control journal I made years ago that I use for the holidays, too. But if any of you need a way to better keep track of menus, receipts, coupons, recipes, gift lists, family outings, etc, then this is for you!

Do you know any helpful time savers I should highlight this season?

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