Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Cavatappi

I love the taste of pumpkin so I go a bit crazy this time of year trying to put pumpkin into nearly everything I eat. I noticed a jar of Pumpkin Parmesan sauce at Williams-Sonoma a while back, but with the cheese, dairy and $15 price tag, I passed it up.

Anyway, I decided to go hunting for a vegan recipe to make this a reality and what'd ya know?!?! I found a DELICIOUS recipe! Check out that link for the recipe specifics.

Here goes...

Cook the pasta of your choice and start combining the oil, onion and garlic in the second pan. Let that simmer before adding the pumpkin and vegetable stock.

Once the stock and pumpkin have combined really well, add the dairy-free milk of your choosing and the spices. Whisk away until it is nice and creamy!

Pour it over your pasta, mix and enjoy! For you non-vegans out there, you could probably add some cheese if you wanted.

I loved this recipe and my leftovers were just as delicious on days 2 and 3!

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