Monday, October 25, 2010

Hosting, hosting, hosting

Not only am I hosting the gender reveal party this week, I'm also working on a baby shower for a friend who is expecting her first child, a little girl, on December 26th!

I've gotten the invitations out, the decorations prepped and everything is set in motion but I'm worried about what to get her. She's already had a shower back home in Michigan so a lot of her registry has been bought out. She isn't doing a theme, just an eclectic mix of all things light and bright pink, teal and bright green with a hint of purple thrown in.

I've thought about painting name "letters" but since I'm making a banner in the same type of way, I opted out of that. I also thought about matting and framing some super cute little baby artwork but decided it may or may not go with her decor so I probably shouldn't. Then I thought of using the letters (like in the anniversary gift) and making a sign for the room some where, but am afraid that it, too, won't fit in. Thought about making a blanket but don't a lot of people do that? I think I'm just over-thinking this. I'll probably end up with something really practical like bottles or baby medicine. Who knows, maybe I'll be run over with inspiration and I'll know just what to craft or buy.

Secretly, I want to buy her this...
 or this...
 Maybe I just will! Or maybe I'll try my own re-creation of the hair bow.

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