Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a ____??

It's a gender reveal party!

When my best friend found out she was expecting again she brought up this idea of a gender reveal party (which I had never heard of before). I only had about two weeks to plan for the party because of scheduling the ultrasound and everything so I found out mid-October that I had the go-ahead to start planning the party!

I didn't want to spend a lot of money (I only spent $30) for everything not including the cake or pizza. I did a lot of DIY!

Here goes...

I made pins for shirts that were pink or blue in case you forgot to wear pink or blue. Heather had a special pink/blue combo pin. I love the way they turned out so much that I'm re-using the pink ones for the baby shower I'm throwing this month. The color coordinated buttons make it so cute!

I made two banners for the party... one in the living room and then another one for the kitchen area. I used inspiration from the invitation and pink, blue and yellow for the party. All of the banner letters had the brown background. Lots of hours were spent creating the letters, printing the letters and cutting out the letters and background papers but it was so worth it!!

I also DIY'ed the pom poms in the corner with a little help from Martha. I kept putting off making these but when I did I was astonished to find out that they only took like 2 minutes each! I transported them to Indiana flat and we separated them Thursday night once we arrived. Here's an up-close shot of them.

I also worked with the local cake lady to get the cake made. Surprise colors inside the cake! 1/2 pink and 1/2 blue in case I decided to have them cut into the cake for the reveal! I didn't, but it was fun to eat a bright colored piece of cake!

Me with the excited mama-to-be, again! My dearest and closest friend in the world.

Team Pink -- including Heather's little sister away at college on Skype!

Team Blue -- a solid support of Blue!

The moment of the reveal! What is inside??

And up go the blue balloons! It's a boy. Aiden Jay!

And, here's the proof!

Cutting into the blue side of the cake!

Last but not least, the favors! Gummy worms in a Longaberger Blue Ribbon jar with an It's a Boy tag!

The baby boy is healthy and beautiful! I was so touched to be a part of this special occasion and to be included in the ultrasound. What a magical experience!

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Heather said...

I kept checking to see if you had posted yet:) you are such an amazing friend and so glad you both were able to experience part of this pregnancy with us! The party turned out awesome and couldn't have asked a better person to plan it!! Love you guys;)