Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Pitch-In -- Our 3 Bars

So, at work, I'm on the social committee -- Surprise, Surprise. We've been working to create a building-wide event that people would really buy into and enjoy, but make it easy enough for the masses to participate. In the academic world, November is pretty slow, so we thought let's make it an early Thanksgiving pitch-in.

In one of our first meetings, I brought up an idea that Christy Ulsas showed me when I was at Butler -- the Baked Potato Bar. People loved the idea and one of the women on the committee owns a bar so she had the equipment to keep 100 potatoes cooked and warm throughout the day! Bingo. An idea was born. We decided to have a salad bar/baked potato bar/dessert bar combo pitch-in. The morale fund would pay for the paper goods, potatoes and lettuce, the office would bring in the toppings and viola!

We could not believe how many people participated. Our estimates are right around 83! Wow! We could not believe it. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and by asking them only to bring an ingredient, many felt that they could contribute -- even if they don't cook or whatnot!

What a blast getting to know these amazing women and feeding the entire building!

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