Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reading Goals -- Update!

I just realized I haven't posted on my reading endeavors in a long time, so here comes an update for you!

I am currently reading The Lost Recipe for Happiness by Barbara O'Neal and so far I love it. When I finish, it will be my 50th book of the year. My goal is 52 books in 2010. Not quite as grand as my 100 on 2009, but still impressive by most standards.

Here are the books I've read since I posted last:
Fly Away Home
The Hunger Games -- Mockingjay
The Island
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The ClockWork Angel
The One that I Want
Cum Loude
The Goddess of Fried Okra
The Perfect Christmas
A Dog at Sea
The Cinderella Curse

And why is it that no matter how many books I read, I always manage to have a ton left on my to read list? Plus, my dear Aunt Patty just gave me some books to read so my list just keeps on growing and growing!!


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