Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Freebies!

We hosted our Thanksgiving dinner with most of J's immediate family last weekend. It was intimate and small, and I just wanted it to be low key.

Here was the inspiration for my table.

I tied twine around candles we have leftover from our WEDDING for the centerpiece. It was 5 candles -- ivory and white -- dark brown ribbon and twine. Everyone got a gift wrapped in brown paper and twine. I also picked some leaves out of the yard and used them for the placecards. I stuck them on top of the napkins and circled with twine. Then I used all my bright white china for plates. It was simple and inspired by nature. Since it was only the 7 of us, I wanted it to be easy and effortless, which it was.

I wanted to make it a ton fancier. I did try, but it just didn't work for the outing. If you would like to do that there are some free downloads you can use. FREEBIE ALERT BELOW!

Here are some downloads for an elegant table. Here is for a more modern folk tablescape. I also found this download for a more modern table. LOVE IT!! You can even use pieces for a "thanks" area, where everyone writes down what they are thankful for. And Martha, always Martha, with a beautifully classic option, too.

These are my favorites, if you want my humble opinion. You may find them on my table next year!

If you're still in the planning stages for your meal, you might think this comes in handy.

Happy planning to all of you who still have to prep for Thanksgiving. My focus is onto Black Friday, Christmas DIYs and holiday decorating. I'm restraining myself by waiting until Black Friday to decorate!

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