Monday, April 4, 2011

Butler Bulldogs! Let's go BU!

This morning, while I was in the shower, I kept trying to pinpoint the moment I became a Bulldog. I've loved Butler ever since that fateful trip with Heather to visit Nick Walker my sophomore year of high school. I met with ABJ (who would later become a boss, mentor, colleague and dear friend), toured campus and fell. in. love. It was instant. But I didn't become a bulldog that day, or after many days of visiting campus.

I remember that day late in November or early December 2001. I'd already been accepted to Purdue (my fall-back school), but I was waiting, desperately waiting, to hear about Butler. I'd been checking the mailbox nonstop -- like the mail could possibly come more than one time per day -- and it never came and never came. Well one night, my parents and I were watching the Michael Jackson TV special (yea, you can dig it). And my Admission Counselor, the Italian Stallion, called me. At home. On a school night. After 8pm. What??? I thought for sure I'd forgotten to fill something out on my application or something... instant nerves. That was before he announced that he'd just gotten done "accepting me" and he wanted to be the first to welcome the newest Bulldog to Butler. Oh. my. goodness. Tears of joy, lots of jumping, many celebrations.

That was the day I became a Bulldog.

I am so proud to be a Bulldog. Butler truly taught me the Butler Way in life, not just in school. BoFo always said that it wasn't all about academics, but about investing in us and making us great people who do the right thing the right way. Well, BoFo, I know you've created an awesome generation of Dawgs since you've been there and it makes me love Butler even more. For all of the reasons it affected me personally to the way its getting national attention for positive reasons now, too!

Go Dawgs! Let's get that championship trophy the Butler Way!

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