Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Day 2k11

Holy Week + Earth Day = Busy Week

If you're looking for earth day inspired freebies, check here! Lots of free goodies are available this week in encouragement of living "green." I am especially excited about Starbucks giving free coffee or tea if you bring in your re-usable mug! Score!

Every year, I try to make one small "green" inspired change that sticks! One year it was changing the lightbulbs, one year switching to a nalgenes and reusable mugs, one year using buying (and then using) reusable bags the majority of the time, one year unplugging everything not in use, etc. This year, we're working on two things...

1. reducing (eventually eliminating) our use of paper towels
2. reducing/eliminating our use on plastic bags.

Both are difficult in our home because of our dogs. They make sanitary-type messes so we use paper towel to clean it up and dispose of it. They eat "wet" dog food each morning and need small plastic bags to keep them. For our human use, its been easier to reduce to use.

I saw this post on making your own "plastic" bags out of iron on wax paper. It looks easy to do, so I've thought about trying it for the dog food. I'd have to make at least 21 of the small bags, but it would save us a lot of money on baggies throughout the year and it'd be a lot better for the environment.

Are you making any changes because of Earth Day?

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