Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Garden -- Before!

Since I was out at the garden last weekend, I wanted to be sure to post on my "before" garden.

I'll be sure to update as I go along... after tilling and de-rocking, after my cool planting is done and so on. But we need a good basis for where we're going to go this summer and fall so here it is... my official "before," aka my starting point.

 Here is most of the community garden. I'm SO EXCITED. Warning... summer visitors... please plan on visiting my garden plot and oohing and aahhing. Consider yourself forewarned.

Here is an over-achiever who already has her border planted and her cool weather plants planted and covered. Hopefully mine will look like that in a few weeks time!!

Any gardening tips I should know about? I'm planting 7 rows of 10 in my 10x10 garden, I'll be adding inoculant in with my pea plants and I won't be planting squash in my garden (not a good track record in that area). I feel like there is so much more about gardening that I need to know. I guess I'll be figuring it out by trial and error. Although, I am lucky that J's best friend with a green thumb has the plot next to ours and that I have a friend at work who has a huge, wonderful, richly producing garden that can help, too.

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