Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some say I'm just like my mom...

My friend visited last weekend. She arrived on Friday. I'd been meaning to rearrange the guest room (or the blue room as we refer to it) for weeks but I kept putting it off. So, um, Thursday night at 8:44pm I asked my exhausted husband if he would help me do some minor rearranging in the blue room. He cluelessly agreed (i.e. I AM AN AWFUL WIFE!!) to help me.

Well, um, as my wonderful, incredible husband reminds me, I am just like my mother! So, well, we rearranged. Even with vacuuming under everything, dusting every nook, rearranging, swapping out furniture, etc, we were done in about an hour. It looks so much bigger.. and in my opinion a lot better.


I love the small changes and it didn't cost me a dime!

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Marianne said...

It was wonderful to stay in :)