Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ball Jar Soap Dispenser -- DIY

When I was in Arizona over Thanksgiving, I almost spent $20 on a ball jar turned soap dispenser. I'd seen them before and I really wanted one but I just wasn't in the mood to try it on my own. J saw it in my hand, saw the price tag, did a quick Google search and made me put it back.

Well, a month later, I have my very own ball jar turned soap dispenser.  I think it took him all of 5 minutes and it was done. It happened so fast that I don't have any pictures of it at all.

 The blog he reviewed before doing it can be found here. They have pictures and instructions, I do not. Sorry!

But trust me, it's really easy and it looks really cute in our guest bathroom.

It's a little unexpected item in there and I like that!

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