Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bathroom Artwork on the Cheap -- DIY

I needed some fresh artwork for the guest bathroom but I encountered two problems.

1. I didn't want to pay much of anything for the art.
2. I couldn't find anything that I even remotely liked.

Both could be an issue.

I decided that I should just make something myself. I wanted it to be slightly whimsical, fun enough for an infant but grown up enough to still fit into place as our guest bathroom. You see why nothing seemed just right... everything I found was too juvenile or too mature.

Anyway, I started brainstorming ideas and phrases that I could use to make into art. I liked, "Bath Time," "Splish Splash, I was takin' a bath" and "Wash Brush Floss Flush." I decided to start there and see what happened.

So here's what I did.

I logged onto Picnik and uploaded a blank image so that I could do whatever I wanted. You could upload an image if you knew you wanted that as your backdrop.

Since the program is meant to just overlay things on a photo, you have to trick it to do what you want. I added a square sticker and enlarged it to cover the entire area. Then I changed the color of the sticker. Over it, I added my text. I played around with the size, color and font type to get it just how I wanted it.

Once it was how I wanted it completely, I saved it to my computer and sent it to a photo lab (my preference is Sam's Club).

For under $2, I had new artwork in the bathroom that I don't ever have to feel guilty about changing. It isn't overly juvenile, but it isn't too serious either. We both really like it. Full bathroom reveal Friday (hopefully).

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