Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I had a three-day weekend but Saturday took so much out of me that I spent the majority of Sunday and Monday sleeping and relaxing to catch up from my Saturday. We had baby class, a baby shower, a family holiday party and about 3 hours of travel time. Being awake (and pleasant) from 6:30 am until mid-night was quite the achievement and while I was so proud of myself, I woke up Sunday utterly exhausted.

On Sunday, we managed breakfast with a friend, streaming church on TV and running some errands but other than that, I really slept quite a bit and relaxed at home.

On Monday, we had an ultrasound (all is well) and we went to lunch. I did a few things around the house, but not much. I did manage to get the MamaRoo hooked up and running along with the baby swing. I also put my new "prize" from the Brown Family Bacon Bash onto Owen's big bear. He will always know how much his Uncle Nick loves him!


Hopefully, this week will be equally productive. We're getting things done day-by-day.

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