Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Journey -- 5 Years in the Making!

When you say "I do," you make a commitment, a vow, to join together in holy matrimony for the course of your lives together. In life, much like my roadtrips, the journey itself is the destination. 5 years ago, I wouldn't believe where we are today but God has known all along. I can't wait to see where he takes us next.

Got married!
Went on 3 honeymoons in 3 months!
I got baptised and we joined Fairview Presbyterian Church.
Bought our first home in Carmel, Indiana!
Adopted 5 fish.
Adopted Oliver.
Adopted Benton.
We became God-parents.
Adopted Phinneas.

Started our MBAs.
Added 2 fish to our family.
J got a new job.
Bought a new home in Madison, Wisconsin.
Moved away from "home," to create a new one.
We both started new jobs.

Started attending Blackhawk Church.
Joined a Life Group of Young Married Couples (who would become our family in Madison).
Got acclimated to a true Wisconsin winter, including the necessary purchase of a mammoth-sized snow-blower.
We learned about "tri-podding" or Benton's favorite pose when he's freezing but won't come inside.
Visited my parents in Arizona for a few vacations.

Enjoyed being content. 
Went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for a 10-day Central America adventure.
This was the year of weddings... lots and lots of weddings!
House-hold renovations started.

Did some major renovations -- all new floors in the entire house, created a new office, new kitchen appliances and countertops, etc.
Found out we were expecting!
Became God-parents, again!
Bought a new-to-us car to fit our growing family.

Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and welcome our little one to the world... then see where else God leads us!

Here's to the next 5! I love you and our journey together. I am home wherever I am with you.

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