Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a new, fresh year!

Days are getting longer and the new year brings ideas of springtime!

This year I'm decluttering and reading my bible (Eat This Book -- if you want to read along). Since the baby is on the way, I've been decluttering in tiny ways. For instance, I reorganized, decluttered and purged our bathroom drawers (which really needed it). I also decluttered some cabinets in the kitchen which allowed for baby item storage... bottles, baby bullet, etc. It may not be a lot but I've been aiming at one area/place a week and the small impact has been really nice.

J and I, along with about 5k+ other people in Madison, are reading our bibles every day. So far, we're in Exodus. Our entire church for the entire year will Eat This Book and all of our messages and Life Groups will follow along as well. It is great to have the support. This is something I've tried to do each year since I've gotten married and every year I get to about March and I fizzle out. I'm hoping that this year the habit sticks.

What new years resolutions did you make? Technically our resolution is to be good parents but these two activities are helping us be better people, so its a win win.

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