Monday, January 9, 2012

One Month and Counting...

We are exactly one month, just a mere 31 days, away from our due date! We couldn't be more excited, more ready, more anxious, etc! I can not wait to meet you little man! I'm not even nervous about the pain of labor, it is all going to be so worth it. We are just unbelievably excited.

Of course, we still have plenty to do to be "ready" but in life you don't always get to have everything just so.  So, we are trying to make sure the last "big" things are done and ready to go and if the smaller things don't get done, they just don't get done.

Here's my running list... some things are quick and easy, some not so much...
1. Email our pediatrician about our vaccination schedule and circumcision questions.
2. Add GHC phone numbers to J and I's Google phone books.
3. Sign up for an infant CPR course ASAP.
4. Call St Mary's and give them my new insurance card information.
5. Load my L&D playlist onto my IPod.
6. Finalize our baby "email" list.
7. Finish stabilizing the cradle.
8. Move the cradle into our bedroom.
9. Work on the baby crafts -- particularly the burp cloths.
10. Install a baby gate with a foot opener outside of the nursery.
11. Finish child-proofing the nursery.
12. Wash the diapers. Repeat.
13. Pack our bags for the hospital!
14. Pack his diaper bag.
15. Call two day care options about additional visits.
16. Finish nursery: decorate curtains and lampshades with ribbon, put up few last clothing items, add artwork into frames, etc.

Whew... see, a lot going on! But the list is a lot shorter than it was on Friday, so that's a plus. And some things aren't a big deal if they don't get done, other things would make more of a difference, so we're working on it!

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