Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

Earth Day turned out to be a nice day! 57 and partial sun? Whoa. We'll take it! Awesome day to play outside.

Daredevil woke up to some gifts for Earth Day! He got a new bedtime story called Good Night World that highlights all the wonders of the world... oceans, mountains, etc. It is lovely and beautiful. He also got a book called Choose to Reuse that shows how to reuse things like cardboard boxes!!!

 We also used some old plates from Goodwill to make some yard art flowers for my garden. This has been a project in the making but they will officially be ready to put in the ground around dinner time tonight.

We used up some over ripe bananas instead of throwing them out by making banana nut bread! The recipe I used has 3 or 4 ingredients, seriously, but it is so good! Don't ever throw out over ripe bananas again! I'm excited to deliver these tomorrow to some un-suspecting people.

We also spent time outside enjoying the weather, went to music class, played with bubbles, colored and then ate crayons, made fruity pebble treats dipped in chocolate for life group snacks tomorrow, did 6 loads of laundry, finished all mother's day gifts and got everything ready for our upcoming travels. I also did a lot of not fun stuff, too.

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