Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

I hope you had a very blessed Easter. We had a small celebration and we missed Me Tech Guy, but it was still nice. I have always loved Easter, but for very different reasons. As a child because of the Easter bunny and pretty Easter dresses but as an adult I think of Easter as a very personal holiday. For me, it's a chance to reflect upon my sins that were up on that cross and all that Jesus gave to wash them away. It's a chance to reflect on all that I've been given when I've deserved none. Thank God for His grace. There is so much joy and peace that Easter brings. The gift of our salvation. Wow. In Christianity, we are nothing without Easter.

In seeing how a lot of my celebrating occurred within, I'd still like to show you a bit of our visual celebration!

Gammy decided that we need to make-over the deviled eggs, so we dyed the egg whites with food coloring. It's super easy to do if you're in the market to have colored eggs.

Then, Daredevil went skinny-dipping. He's a rebel already, I tell you.

Then, he snuck into his Easter chocolate that a neighbor brought him. Again, he's a rebel. He was hiding behind a chair eating it. Hah!

Then, we planted some magical jelly beans that Gammy was able to buy from someone.

After awhile A noticed that the beans had turned into suckers!

Then we shared Easter dinner. Daredevil loved his mashed potatoes but wasn't too fond of the deviled eggs this year.

Checking it out...

 Trying it...

Not so sure...

He got to share one of the magical beans turned suckers for dessert.

Finally, the long-awaited Easter egg hunt!

It was a great day and the homemade butterscotch pie just pushed it right over the edge!

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