Friday, April 19, 2013


Spring cleaning always makes me want to freshen up things in my home... new room sprays, fresh flowers, a plant, etc. This year, I'm in the mood for a new rug for the kitchen and living room. I found some at Target but I'm not ready to drop the cash.

I also like getting new storage items, too. This year, I want this trunk but I don't really have a place for it so I didn't get it. But, boy, I sure love it.

I did manage to come home with this beauty. I think it looks great on my front porch. It's like bright lipstick for my front door.

Daredevil is as cute as ever. Even whew it's "Whoops."

I need to buy this for someone. It is the cutest little summer dress! Can you tell that Daredevil let me have a leisurely walk around Target? It was awesome. And I only spent $30. That's practically a miracle.

Here I am, spring cleaning myself. I needed a freshening up, too.

We have a busy weekend around here! What are you up to?

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