Thursday, April 18, 2013


Another monsoon kind of day. More thunderstorms. More rain. 

I bought flowers to cheer me up. Trader Joe's is my secret place to get the best, cheapest flowers anywhere. Mr Tech Guy knows I'd 100% rather get flowers from there than any flower shop. True story. Nothing tops an impromptu Saturday morning when he swings by TJ's and says, go find the best bouquet.

Daredevil and I thought we had some clear weather in between storms. We were wrong. We were wet. We were cold. He was hysterical by the time we got home. Worst. Mom. Ever.

Ben got a hair cut, too. He's mighty cute now. Well, he's cute all the time, but now, too. Here he is in his fancy Thunder Shirt. We'll do anything to contain the "thunder terror" that ensues at our house.

More storms today. I may have to do a Leslie Sansone video inside today. I don't want to risk a repeat of yesterday. I'm supposed to join a friend this afternoon for a long walk at one of her favorite routes. Maybe the weather will turn off awesome? Maybe? Anyone? 

Still knee-deep in spring cleaning. Is it pathetic that it takes me a full week to spring clean/declutter this house? I've been going room to room but I gave myself two days for the kitchen because of the amount of decluttering it needed done. I have bags of food to donate to the local food pantry, books and magazines to take to Half Price Books, a full back of the Acadia to take to Goodwill and on and on. I just keep loading up the car. And I haven't even done the master bedroom yet. It's last (for the upstairs). I'm hoping that once the house is done -- projected to be Sunday -- the weather will turn and Daredevil and I can start working on the outside. Fingers crossed! 

Mom's night out tonight, playgroup tomorrow. Busy busy Bs!

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