Saturday, April 13, 2013


We've been sick since Tuesday. No joke. Whatever Daredevil got, he shared and we've all been lucky enough to enjoy it with him. Let me tell you this flu bug is nothing to mess with. I got it Wednesday, Mr Tech Guy and Twin got it Friday... I thought I felt better today but my tummy is still touchy and Daredevil is still having trouble keeping anything solid down. I hope we're over this hurdle and on our way back to tip top health soon. But that's what I was thinking about while he napped in my arms this afternoon, that this will come to pass. I've cried this week, been puny, weak, flustered, praying for this to pass and for us to feel healthy but truthfully it could be worse.

I have two friends fighting big battles in their families right now that make our flu look like nothing.

One, a husband with a severe digestive disorder who has been in and out of the hospital (more in than out) for the past few months. Her husband has had this condition for awhile but lately they can't keep it under control so he's in the hospital until they can. He goes home, it gets out of balance again so in he goes again. She is so strong keeping her family together, taking their son to visit her husband and still managing life even while things are turned so upside down and are so unpredictable.

And another, a child with leukemia. Her daughter is merely a few months older than Daredevil and she's already endured so much in her little life. On top of that, she got a diagnosis of a rare form of leukemia about four months ago. She's been fighting a hard fight. Tests, procedures, treatments, lengthy hospital stays, etc. When they first got the diagnosis it was unlikely the daughter would be able to go home until the end of treatments seven months later. Let that sink in, your child in the hospital for seven months without coming home. Can you fathom? You won't be home much in that time either, what about your spouse, your other children? Just thinking about it gets me overwhelmed but I've learned that you do what you have to do and my friend is keeping her head above water one day at a time. They've worked with the doctors to keep their daughter at home as long as possible between treatments. She is making this challenge work for her family. I'm amazed by her.

This morning, her daughter developed sepsis and she's very ill. If you pray, please pray for her.

Sometime all you need is perspective.

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KoPogo said...

Will pray for your friend's family and their strength.

Little Bear gave us what sounds like the same stomach flu, I got it, as did grandma, nana, grandpa, and of course dad. It was soo not fun.

Hope you're feeling better.