Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saying Goodbye to 14 Months

I tell you, the whole 13-14 months has been awesome. Yes, it can be exhausting keeping up with a kiddo that goes as much as my Daredevil, but this is an awesome stage. He is Mr Personality. He learns new things daily. He is so much fun to hang out with. I'm smitten. I think he's so cool. I'm slightly biased.

Here are some of his fun new tricks.

Climbing. He's been climbing for awhile, but he's got his hopes set on new heights. Specifically our dining and kitchen tables. He's managed to get on the dining table already. I tell you, he's capable of so much! It's crazy! Just last night he climbed up and stood on our friends' end table like he was just expected to do that.

He loves to stack blocks and knock them over. Even better when I stack them and he gets to knock them over. Much faster. :) I'll ask him to stack one and the next one and he's pretty consistent at doing it until it gets too tall. Our favorite set is 3 ft tall!

He loves his golf clubs that Gampa got him for Easter except he uses them to stir dog food and make music on the furniture instead of practice his golf swing.

He likes to color but only if he can snack on the crayon after. We found some big chubby crayons that are triangle shaped (instead of round) so they won't roll all over when he drops them.

He likes noise - tv, music or toys - as long as it makes music he can dance to. His current favorite us the theme song to Tinga Tinga Tales. I sing it and he just cracks up. I downloaded the song and when I play it over the Apple TV, he drops everything to get down.

He loves bubbles. He chases them and he tries so hard to touch them without them bursting. We are working on saying and/or signing bubbles. I'm afraid once he learns one or the other we will be playing with bubbles all of the time.

If we "shake, shake, shake" an instrument and I say stop, he will! He loves his music class so much. I can't recommend it highly enough. Not only does he learn so much but it is all things that we can bring home and do here. He loves the music, singing, dancing, running, babies, etc. There's one song where we alternate walking, galloping, tip-toeing, swaying and then stopping. He cracks up whenever we gave to stop. Now that he gets to hold my hand instead of being carried, he thinks its the bee's knees!

He still loves to explore and soak everything in. I hope he never stops exploring.

He loves playing outside in anyway possible. Running, riding, swinging, etc.

He now likes to jump into the pool standing, not sitting. How is that even possible?

He is awesome at Whack a Worm (which is a game I made up at swim class awhile back). He is quick to grab those worms regardless of where they pop up at!

We are working on learning body parts, colors, shapes, numbers and letters. We have a long way to go but it's where we are.

I'm a bit sad to be leaving 14 months but I'm excited for what's ahead.

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