Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Golden Girl, A Golden Birthday

Happy birthday to my dear, sweet Aubrey girl.

Today she officially turns 5. I can hardly believe it. I remember exactly what I was doing when her mama called to tell me she was getting induced. My life has been changed ever since that awesome little girl entered the world. She has grown into an amazing little girl full of sweet and sassy, princess and tomboy. She's the coolest. She's just like me in a lot of ways, which I think is really neat.

We spent the weekend in Chicago. Surprising, celebrating and spoiling our birthday girl. From Michigan Avenue to the American Girl Store to Schaumburg and the Woodfield Mall, the girl had it good.

We even managed to see Aunt E, Uncle N and Little Logan for a bit while we were in the city. Daredevil didn't know a stranger and thought he owned the place. For serious. Kid is a kidnappers dream.

After a long day of celebrating girl style, Daredevil dug into some fries. Guy style.

I know my Aubs had an awesome weekend, but I also hope she has an awesome day.

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