Monday, June 10, 2013

Boom Booms and Muddy Butt

Daredevil had a chill weekend at home. Sleeping late, lazy brunches, lots of playtime, some worktime, fun with Nene and Grandpaw, fireworks, gardening, and on and on.

Daredevil and I went to the garden solo a few times this week. While we were gardening this weekend, the boy fell in the mud so I called him Muddy Butt for the rest of the evening. He thought it was funny and I'll do about anything to hear him giggle.

Muddy Butt! He was such a cute helper.

He also got to see Boom Booms (fireworks) for the first time during Verona's Hometown Days. He loved them. They were past his bedtime, but we made an exception. He love love loved them, not that I was really surprised. He clapped and smiled and giggled for the first 10-15 minutes of the show. After that he had used up his attention span and was ready to go home to bed. The Hometown Days fireworks have been our only real tradition since we first moved to Madison. Last year my mom kept Daredevil so Mr Tech Guy and I could go see them. This year it was fun to share it with Daredevil and see his reaction.

Here's to a fun week, too! I wonder what new things he'll say and do this week!

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