Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is 16 months...

Daredevil is just as awesome as ever at 16 months. His vocabulary is rapidly growing. He talks in sentences that he thinks I should understand, but I don't. He's as happy-go-lucky and laid back as ever. He does show his temper when he's tired, hungry (sound like anyone we know) or doesn't want to come inside. This boy would live out on our deck or balcony if we'd let him... but being the awful mom I am, I won't let him. Go figure. But really, life is fun. Full of sunscreen, bug spray, sweat, and action. Wouldn't change a thing.

Daredevil has realized that waving typically gets a response from another person. So he waves all the time now, just to get people to wave back. It's pretty hilarious. He also waves his body side to side to see who is silly enough to do that back to him, too. A lot of people do it amazingly. He was waving and shaking his body tonight at dinner. I tried to get it on film but I was too zoomed in. Here's his cute but dirty face anyway.

Daredevil can climb jungle gyms and go down the slide by himself (with my assistance and supervision). This was right after the very first time he did it! It was at the Dream Park in Fitchburg which has had a freshening up recently. He had a blast in tot town but what's new.

We had our first code brown in the bath the last night. I thought it was a piece of dog food. Nope, dingleberry. Disinfecting city over here last night. Ut-oh.

Daredevil is almost too tall for his car but we still play with it and ride in it all the time. He just opts to drag his feet.

He is finally really into toys. For the longest time he really wasn't but it has kicked in. He can play with his trucks and blocks for-ever. He also loves playing ball... inside, outside, with Benton, by himself, with me... he's not picky there either.

The only stuffed animals he isn't scared of (aside from the Pluto he sleeps with) are the ones you're looking at. It's kind of hilarious to see him get so freaked out over a toy but he does.

Daredevil loves to read. He loves Eric Carle, but who doesn't, right? He also loves any books that he can interact with. Pull the tab, push the button, feel the texture. You can tell people who write toddler books have been around the block themselves.

And the boy is independent. And fast. He likes to do everything on his own. Not gonna lie, it feels like we got here a little too quick. He surely needs me for more that diaper changes and bedtime.

He does occasionally throw a tantrum but when it's an actual tantrum he normally throws his head back and screams a soundless scream. It's kind of funny actually. I think he thinks it'll help him get his way. Oh, kiddo, I love you. But we have started time out for major security breeches. He doesn't like it but he does straighten up. I'm a pretty chill mom so he knows if he gets a time out, he messed up.

Oh the joys of toddlerhood. It really is awesome. He is the coolest, most awesomest dude. He's got a playdate with his cousins tomorrow and he couldn't be more excited... and, well, neither can I.

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