Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back at it!

Daredevil is back at his daring ways! He is absolutely fearless.

The other day on the playground, I blinked and he'd scaled this "rock" wall.

After he got up there, I had to chase him from the outside of the thing to catch him. Scary. He laughed the whole time. I really think he thought it was hilarious seeing me running around and fretting.

Once I got him, we moved onto the swings.

His spirit is pure joy and amazement. He is such a happy and lively little guy. He is so fun to hang out with. I mean, look at that smile. Eyes closed, head back, mouth open. Bliss.

He is so awesome but he sure keeps me on my toes! What daring things will he do next?? I can only imagine.

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