Friday, June 14, 2013

Nene Came to Town!

Nene visited us for a few days. It was such a sweet treat to have her here. We got to do lots of fun things while she was here, too.

We took Nene back to the splash pad. I was more prepared so Daredevil had appropriate attire this time. Plus there were less people so he had more freedom to roam. It still took him a few minutes to warm up, but he still loved it.

Then he spied the big playground (donated from American Girl) and he decided it was playtime over there. He bribed Nene with his good looks to chase him and even take him down the big slides.

Even the pups enjoyed their time with Nene. Ollie even relaxed quite a bit while Nene was here and B got so much playtime he hurt himself. Nene was even here for his birthday! He got long car rides, pupcream, extra fetch and was all around spoiled.

Nene helped us celebrate Ben's birthday and ate out on our new deck with us!

We were sad to see her go but we're looking forward to her next visit.

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