Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crafty Mommas: June Craft Night In

I hosted my first ever Crafty Mommas Craft Night In last week and it was a blast. We drank and laughed and ate and crafted until well after 9:30 pm! Whoa, living the the dangerous life.

It was seriously awesome. I had three crafts planned that people could partake in, you could choose what you wanted to do or you could bring your own craftiness from home that you'd be meaning to do. Or just show up and talk our ears off... you know whatever works for you!

Craft 1: Sugar scrubs

Sugar, oil, essential oils, tag... badda bing, badda boom...

 Craft 2: Fabric Necklaces

Scissors, old shirt... boom! It was so easy I only have an after photo.

Craft 3: Canvases

This took the most time because of the drying time. But still canvas, paint, stickers, mod podge, paper.

Super cuteness.

And then there were ladies doing their mending, making flower hats, making a felt carrot, making earrings, making a berry picking basket, etc... lots of craftiness in one room!

And the food. When will I learn? Ugh, Overdo Olivia over here. Ahh, well, there are worse things. Right?

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Yum-O

Taste the rainbow! Eat your veggies!

I'm so excited for our next Crafty Mommas adventure when we have our first Craft Night Out making our own jewelry! Stay tuned!!

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