Thursday, June 26, 2014

Coming and Going

I feel like I'm meeting myself at the corner of coming and going this week. I mean, it's already Thursday?? What?? 

We are in therapy a lot. Sometimes I'm with him, sometimes I'm not. When I'm not, I'm checking my email, working on UHP or MOMS Club stuff or planning my SILs baby shower. 

Yesterday, I caught up on some magazines. Here are some exciting tidbits that caught my attention. 

The disgusting dresser I found on the curb awhile ago is almost done... Here's a sneak...

I pick it up Friday! That's tomorrow. Woot! Big, fun weekend ahead. I hope Daredevil can stay awake for it. He's been falling asleep and missing out on fun lately. :( He got fun at a pool party yesterday but tuckered out before we got to Concerts on the Square. Boo. Next week! 

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